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Premier Alden McLaughlin addresses the audience at the recent e-Gov training

Published 18th September 2015, 6:10pm

As the Cayman Islands e-Government unit transitions from an information-gathering stage to strategic development, officials have organised a visit by a team of experts from a leading European jurisdiction.
From 22nd-25th September 2015 four representatives from Estonia’s e-Governance Academy will present and lead discussions with the public and private sector, around e-governance best practices, the Estonia experience and model and how elements of these can be used to enhance local e-governance.
Explaining that Estonia is one of the smallest countries to sit atop international e-Government rankings, Councillor Alva Suckoo remarks: “Our objective is to fully understand the model by which a country of just over a million people has achieved extraordinary success in this field. We will also be looking at their best practice to see what can apply in our local situation.”
The Estonian model of e-Government and e-services, change management and the private sector role therein, as well as digital identity management are topics on the table
Presenters include: Senior Consultant in the e-Governance Academy Foundation  Mari Pedak,  Head of e-Governance Training Annela Kiirats, Information Communications Technology (ICT) Policy adviser to the Prime Minister Siim Sikkut and Systems Architect Margus Freudenthal. The eGovernance Academy is a non-governmental non-profit organisation.
At present Government offers online services through more than a dozen agencies. These include birth, death and marriage certificates available from the General Registry website to online scholarship applications, assorted services for businesses and airline registration among others. 
Representatives from the steering committee and task force overseeing the transition to providing most services online will attend the sessions. Premier Alden McLaughlin, Deputy Governor Franz Manderson and Councillor Alva Suckoo are also expected to speak.
e-Government Director Ian Tibbetts invited  members of the public to attend the sessions at the Westin Hotel. Additional information is available from email or tel. 244-3614.