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The Cabinet Office plays a central role in the analysis, development, coordination communication and implementation of Government policy. It is committed to serving the needs of the Government and by extension the community at large, which includes various external non-governmental agencies, the private sector and civil society, both at home and abroad.

In order to better serve our varied clients, this Internal Complaints Process (ICP) has been developed to formalize our internal procedures to objectively and fairly address any deficiencies that may be identified by our clients from time to time. The Cabinet Office takes the delivery of quality services very seriously and any issues brought to our attention will receive prompt and thorough attention.

The procedure:

  1. Any member of the general public or officer from another public or government agency is entitled to make a complaint to the Cabinet Office if they believe that they have not been appropriately dealt with by any member of the Cabinet Office or as a result of an unsatisfactory outcome relating to any dealings they may have had with the Cabinet Office.
  2. The complainant will be asked to complete and sign an Internal Complaint Form. If, for any reason they are unable to complete the form on their own they will be assisted by a member of the Cabinet Office staff.
  3. Forms may be submitted in person to the Cabinet Office; by fax (345) 946-1652; by email for the attention of Mr. Robert Lewis, Deputy Chief Officer (Administration) at; or by post to the Cabinet Office, Box 105, 4th Floor, Government Administration Building, 133 Elgin Avenue, George Town, Grand Cayman, KY1-9000.
  4. Upon receipt, the complaint form will be date stamped, logged and scanned into the Cabinet Office Complaints Log as per office procedure.
  5. The complainant will be provided with a copy of their officially stamped complaint and the original kept by the Cabinet Office.
  6. All complaints will be forwarded to the Chief Officer within 24 hours of receipt.
  7. In the event that the complaint is against the Chief Officer, the complainant is to be directed that their complaint can be made to the Deputy Governor, Box 103, 5th Floor, Government Administration Building, 133 Elgin Ave, George Town, Grand Cayman, KY1-9000.
  8. Within 5 days of receiving the complaint the Cabinet Office will send an acknowledgement to the complainant advising them that the Chief Officer has received their complaint and the time line by which they can expect a response.
  9. The Chief Officer will ensure that the Deputy Chief Officer (Administration) (or other suitable senior staff member) conducts an investigation and provides their findings and result within 30 calendar days. However, if the Chief Officer finds reason for a response to be delayed the complainant will be informed in writing of this delay and the reasons for it. Within this letter the complainant will also be informed of the expected length of the delay.
  10. The Chief Officer will provide a written response not later than 60 days from receipt of complaint. Written responses will include remedies and/or apologies where appropriate.
  11. Should the complainant not be satisfied with the response from the Chief Officer they will be advised that their complaint may be addressed to the Deputy Governor as noted above.
  12. All lessons to be learned from complaints received, along with the outcomes, will be reviewed and discussed in a strictly confidential manner at a Cabinet Office senior management meeting as an effort to improve service delivery.

Last Updated 2022-09-12