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Please note that the information contained within this section of the website
may be used for historical reference only.

  • On 18th August 2009, the Governor-in-Cabinet established a Data Protection Working Group ("DPWG"), with representative from both the public and private sectors, to make recommendations for the introduction of data protection legislation in the Cayman Islands. The DWPG has created this web site to inform everyone on data protection issues and to solicit comment on the draft Data Protection Bill.

  • On 22 September 2014 the Government of the Cayman Islands launched a final Data Protection Consultation, the link to the Government led consultation including how you can respond to that consultation can be found here.

About Data Protection Working Group

David Archbold, Managing Director of the Information and Communications Technology Authority, chairs the Data Protection Working Group and the Cabinet Office provides secretariat, research and policy support.

Other members represent the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce, Caymanian Bar Association, Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, Cayman Islands Law Society, Cayman Ministers' Association, Information Commissioner's Office, Cayman Islands Bankers' Association and Portfolio of Legal Affairs.

In 2010 an Information Technology Sub-Committee was formed and includes experts across a variety of fields.

The photograph shows a joint meeting of the DPWG and the IT sub-committee.


Secretary to the Data Protection Working Group
c/o Cabinet Office
Government Administration Building Box 105
133 Elgin Avenue
Grand Cayman KY1-9000


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