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Nadira Lord

FOI Analyst

The Freedom of Information Unit (FOI Unit) facilitates and coordinates the implementation of Freedom of Information by providing advice, assistance and training to public authorities and promoting awareness across the whole of the public sector. The Unit also reviews statutory, regulatory and policy requirements and monitors and reports on implementation.

Training Courses

  • Sensitisation of Civil Servants
  • Sensitisation of Boards and Committees
  • Introduction to the FOI Law for Civil Servants
  • Information Manager Basic Training
  • Introduction to JADE, the FOI Tracking and Monitoring System
  • FOI and Internal Review for Managers

The material for many of the sensitisation sessions and courses taught by the FOI Unit is tailored to specific needs and will often evolve and improve, so some documents may not be available or immediately updated on the website at Please contact the Senior Administrative Assistant at the FOI Unit at or (345) 244-3609 to learn more about these courses or to request materials used for training of various groups.

Meetings, Conferences and Retreats

The FOI Unit holds regular Information Manager Network Meetings where practitioners come together to discuss issues, share experiences, identify problems, answer queries and ensure that their public authority is in compliance with the FOI Law. Agendas, presentations made and handouts distributed to attendees should be available If you would like to enquire about these meetings or request materials that may not be available online, please contact the FOI Unit Senior Administrative Assistant or (345) 244-3609.

Forms, Templates and Checklists

The Freedom of Information Unit reports to Cabinet, including through the FOISC. Though these documents may be exempt or partially exempt under section 19(1)(a) of the FOI Law, requests for Cabinet submissions may be made under the FOI Law and the Cabinet Office Information Manager will make a decision on each application for access. Please see section 5: Requests for information outside the publication scheme for more information.

In 2009 the FOI Unit began initial research for the introduction of Data Protection in the Cayman Islands, and is currently providing secretarial and administrative support for and steering the project to develop legislation which will protect privacy and personal data.

Last Updated 2017-01-16