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Jonina Frederick

Immigration Appeals Tribunal Coordinator
Tel: (345) 244-3606

The Secretaries to the Immigration Appeals Tribunal (IAT) are employees of the Cabinet Office and provides administrative and secretarial support for the processing of appeals and complaints against decisions of the Immigration Department involving:

  • Work Permits,
  • Caymanian Status,
  • Permanent Residence,
  • Business Staffing Plans, and
  • Political Asylum.

The IAT holds weekly meetings to hear appeals lodged by persons aggrieved by or dissatisfied with a decision of an Immigration Board/Chief Immigration Officer. 

Under the Immigration Law (2015 Revision) section 17 (2) a person may appeal the decision of the Immigration Appeals Tribunal to the Grand Court on a point of law only.

Guidelines for Applying for an Immigration Appeal Hearing

The majority of the documents held by the IAT are exempt under section 23(1) of the FOI Law, as releasing applications, minutes and outcomes of meetings and other reports would amount to an unreasonable disclosure of personal information. Individuals have a statutory right under the FOI Law to view their own personal information held by public authorities, and such information may be released to a third party if there is overriding public interest in the disclosure, but FOI requests must be made for these records in all cases and the Information Manager will make a decision on each application. Please see section 5: Requests for information outside the publication scheme for more information.


Name Role
Buck GrizzelChairman
Kendra FosterDeputy Chair
Morris GarciaDeputy Chair
Shaun McCannDeputy Chair
Josephine HabibMember
Susan Arch-ParsonsMember
Evanell HunterMember
Nanalie CoverMember
Riselda EbanksMember
Sacha TibbettsMember
Jermaine SharpeMember
Colford ScottMember
Sharon SmithMember
Patricia MillerMember
Courtney MylesMember
Secretaries [non-voting] - Immigration Appeals Tribunal Secretariat (IATS)

Trisha Cuffy, Secretary (345) 244-6624
Kristy Watler, Secretary (345) 244-2253
Jonina Frederick, Coordinator (345) 244-3606


Last Updated 2018-04-30