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Deborah Webb-Sibblies

(Acting) Director, Policy Coordination Unit
Tel: (345) 244-2206


In accordance with section 48(3)(a) of the Constitution Order 2009, the Cabinet Secretary is responsible for providing frank and politically neutral advice to the Premier, Cabinet and the Governor on the development, coordination and implementation of Cabinet approved public policies.

Core Functions

  • Policy development coordination and strategic policy advice.
  • Coordinating and monitoring of policy development and implementation (promoting policy synergy and resources to maximize effective cross-ministerial policy matters, including effective communications, developing guidelines for implementation, monitoring and reviewing of policies).
  • Administrative support for Cabinet [e.g.: CIG’s engagement and dialogue on collective policies between the UK and British Overseas Territories at the Annual Joint Ministerial Council (JMC)].
  • Providing administration of the Secretariat for the Council for Older Persons and the Council for Persons with Disabilities.
  • Leading and coordinating freedom of information across government and developing internal capacity for compliance.
  • Managing and responding to international affairs matters (e.g. diplomatic responses to international conventions and treaties - EU, CARICOM, ECLAC, OCTA and UKOTA).
  • Improving the co-ordination of cross ministerial policy to effectively deliver the Government’s strategic objectives (Broad Outcomes).
  • Developing a network of policy professionals to facilitate professionalism and credibility of the discipline/profession.
  • Drawing on international best practices in policy development, implementation, monitoring and review.
  • Encouraging innovation and creativity in policy making and service delivery.

Last Updated 2019-05-07